Tuesday, July 19, 2011

wrote Yesterday

Today I was walking in my way to buy pencil'n'paper and I saw some books to sell. Cheap books from a tight but possibly useful bookstore.
    I took my time thru the books, always searching for that precious stones. I found some interesting things and chose two.
    I went inside to pay, very proud and confident. I say 'Hallo' and admire the beauty of the young woman who was working there. She said 'Tswai Büchen, fünf Euro.' I smiled and got the money.
    You have no idea how proud I was to be in Berlin, in a bookstore that sells mostly German books, buying The Caucasian Chalk-Circle on it's own language and understanding that I have to pay five Euros for two books. If only i jump cutted to some next scene.
    After paying she simply said 'Tüte?'

    I looked at her, for three seconds only.

    Have you any idea what means three seconds in a German bookstore with a beautiful German woman looking at your eyes saying something in German that is out of your vocabulary?!

    It is a very long instant, i can say.
    Finally, to finish with a golden touch, she asked me if i wanted a beg. Yes, on this same language i now write.
    Anyways, i am just writing a romanticized moment using a 28mm and at 48 frames per second.
    It should be also noted that i never read any Brecht yet, be in any language. I know about the historically importance of his thoughts and the epic theatre, it is on my list… but the main reason i feel attached to his name is because of one girl who admired him. I admired her.

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