about this.

I feel that an introduction is the best way to start a relationship.
Yes. What films and books are other than relationships? I believe that a blog can also be a bridge between people. I will try, anyways.

I am a human being and (most of the times) i enjoy being alive.
It is really important that you know: everything i write is with passion (even when i write about things i don't like!)

ah. a blog is a living entity, it changes with time. I will come back some other day to write more here in this page.

I do have an email: mambo.singer2011[at] gmail [.] com (does writing like this really prevents spam? i shall see...)


and of course, there is no reason to lie.
i have a "normal" life, with a "normal" name and all that... but let's not talk about that, please.


one thing i would like to register: i am addicted to www.openculture.com . A mixture of good content and cultural tabloid. They aggregate some of the best things of this so called internet.